Invoices for web site hosting will be mailed  for each 3 month period at the beginning of each quarter.  Quarterly billing cycles are used employed to as a matter of convenience and to streamline paperwork for both parties.  

If hosting service is discontinued before the end of the quarter, all funds that were paid for the remainder of the quarterly billing cycle will be promptly refunded.

Any additional web site design or programming fees will be billed on an hourly or project basis as agreed upon in advance by both Trout Spring and the client.

All hosting accounts are subject to a one-time non-refundable setup fee of $25.  This amount will be reflected in the first invoice.

Payments made by check can be made payable to: Trout Spring

To use a credit card for payment use  PayPal to send funds to  using PayPal is quick and easy and makes payment a breeze.  Sign up now and get $5 just for opening a PayPal account.  Additionally, if you provide as your referral e-mail the 5$ referral bonus received by Trout Spring will be subtracted from your next invoice.  (You can save yourself $10 just like that!)

  Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!  

If you have any specific questions about billing or pricing, please email or use the contact form.


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